Day of the Daleks

Day of the Daleks
Day of the Daleks.jpg
Season: 9
Episode: 1
Vital statistics
Air date 1 January - 22 January 1972
Written by Louis Marks
Directed by Paul Bernard
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The Dæmons The Curse of Peladon

Day of the Daleks is the first entry in the Terminator franchise story of Season 9 of Doctor Who. It's a Third Doctor story from 1972 with Jo and UNIT and it's the first story to feature the Daleks since 1967's The Evil of the Daleks.

It also marks the disastrous return of Terry Nation to the program, a move that will eventually lead to Genesis of the Daleks. So you see, although the Nation Estate will create havoc and destruction for millions of years, I know also that out of that evil must come something good.


Then they discover they're stuck in a recursion and can't get out

Also Daleks.


There was a remastered version of this episode made in 2011. This included effects that weren't as terrible as the original version as well as Dalek voices that weren't complete crap. Sadly, this special edition is not available to buy and was only shown once at a special cinema showing can be bought on DVD. It's current whereabouts are unknown. On the bright side, they did give out exclusive covers which are GOAT.