Day One

Gay One
I guess you could say she's feeling gassy?
I guess you could say she's feeling gassy?
Season: 1
Episode: 2
Vital statistics
Air date 22 October 2006
Written by Chris Chibnall
Directed by Brian Kelly
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Day One is the third best canon Doctor Who porno (see the BBV Zygon Film and Doctor Loo for the best pornos). It features the debut of the Sex Gas, the best Doctor Who monster ever made. The entire story is one long pathetic attempt to be 'adult' from someone who's never seen adult drama mixed with the 11:00 pm sex fantasies of a lonely, extremely horny teenager. Contains one of the few heterosexual characters on the show making out with a woman because they needed something to put in the trailers.

Reminder that the guy who wrote this is taking over as showrunner.


Sex gas!

I've never seen it.


The episode aired as the second half of a two parter along with the pilot episode, and even then people could see what Torchwood was.