Davros (audio story)

Davros (audio story)
Vital statistics
Range Main Range
Release number 48
Release date September 2003
Writer Lance Parkin
Doctor Sixth Doctor
Publication order
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Omega Master

Davros is the 48th Big Cumshot audio ever, and is the second in the villains trilogy. It is widely considered to be the GOATEST Briggs Finish play, perhaps, sort of, a bit.


Davros is dead af after spewing cum everywhere in Resurrection of the Daleks, but his corpse is rescued by some dude who runs a company called TAI - TransAllied Inc. - and his historian wife who has a fetish for researching every time Davros took a shit, in the hopes that they can revive him to enslave him as their bitch. Davros alives himself through pure badassery and basically does the whole Power of the Daleks routine of pretending to cooperate to gain a foothold in the company and then take over it. And he does this with no Daleks, because as I mentioned, pure badassery.

Pies turns up and honestly doesn't really do all that much, but who gives a shit this is Davros' story, DEAL WITH IT.


  • There's a part where the Doctor asks Davros to make him tea. Should've asked for pies.
  • Davros eats in this story. I know, weird thing to imagine.
  • Davros states his eyes were burned from their sockets. You hear that, NuWho? THEY WERE BURNT.
  • Turns out Davros didn't come up with the concept for the Daleks; his fellow colleague and suspected fuckbuddy Shan did, and he basically took credit for her idea and kept her hushed by executing her. And they say romance is dead.
  • We hear Terry Molloy's Davros laugh maniacally in this story. Hearing it made me lose my virginity again.
  • Seriously though, this is Terry Molloy's best performance. Julian Bleach is fantastic, but c'mon... you can't beat this.


Did you not read any of the shit above? GO LISTEN YOU PLEB.