Dave "Davros" Ross
ayy lmao
ayy lmao
Vital statistics
Position Dictator, freak, Adalia Rose's dad, 8chan's founder
Age Old as shit
Status Drowning in Dalek shit
Physical attributes
Height Sylvester McCoy
Weight Beyond human comprehension
Reminder that books.
Davros and his chair.
>tfw no unlimited rice pudding
Gareth on Davros.
He was known to be an absolute madman.
Davros gets dubs.


Dave Ross (A.K.A. Davros, known in his youth as Hotwheels) is one of the recurring enemies of the series. Just like every other recurring enemy, he became shit after being overused >implying Terry Molloy wasn't GOAT. Oh well. At least he is not as shit as the Weeping Angels (and they only had one story before Moffat murdered them).



Davros is well known for being the creator of the Daleks and co-creator of /pol/ and the Daily Mail. He is also famous for being the only man in history to kill his waifu, a 7/10 qt Kaled scientist named Chaan, the impure slut executed after he was NTR'd by a Thal sympathiser.

As a small boy Davros was left to die by the Twelfth Doctor after Twelve slipped him the sonic screwdriver and made a quick exit.

The character has featured in many Doctor Who episodes, as well as his own BFA series which chronicles his life (which was recently adapted into a movie.)


  • Davros created the pepper pots and is meant to be a caricature of Hitler or something, so it makes no sense that they made Davros evil since Hitler did nothing wrong.
  • Davros plays in a band called Davros and the Deep Space Deviants.
  • Davros once flew his ship into the jaws of the Nightmare Child.
  • Davros once decided to go to the shop to get Rice Pudding. There was none on Skaro so he went to London. Davros found a Tesco store where he bought a can of Rice Pudding for £2.49. The Manager of the store secretly made a clone of Davros when he done this, which he named Baevros. Baevros is kept in the basement of the manager. When Davros got home, he was angry because he realised that the Rice Pudding was not unlimited.
  • He established himself as "the Great Healer" in Revelation, and Colony Sarff referred to him as "Davros, Dark Lord of Skaro" in the Series 9 opener.


He has been portrayed by four adult actors, three of them were GOAT, the other one... Not so much. And also a child for some reason, he was actually okay as child actors go compared to some others we could name.