David Troughton

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Son of the Second Doctor, flatmate of the Sixth Doctor, post-Who costar of the Fifth Doctor, David Troughton uses his extensive Shakespearean training to play roles like King Peladon of Peladon and that Professor from Midnight, as well as a variety of parts for Big Finish, including playing his father playing the Second Doctor playing the recorder. So, almost as his successful as his brother Michael, who used his training as a physics teacher to play that Professor from Last Christmas as well as a variety of parts for Big Finish.

David would have become the Eighth Doctor if the TV movie hadn't happened, but he has never begrudged Paul McGann, and even helped him out with many of his basement productions.

According to Katy Manning, she and David both fancied each other, but he was too chickenshit to ask her out. Seriously? Even Mike Yates had no problem asking Jo out, and he was gay.

David has three sons, one of whom is a Shakespearean actor who's managed to completely avoid any association with Doctor Who by appearing in such high-profile dramas as Aliens vs. Predator and the stupid BBC version of Robin Hood (not to be confused with the good BBC version of Robin Hood or the boring BBC version of Robin Hood).