Dark Water

Dark Water
Dark Water Promo.jpg
Season: 8
Episode: 11
Vital statistics
Air date 1 November 2014
Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Rachel Talalay
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In the Forest of the Night Death in Heaven
The Doctor and the Master catch up on old times.
Clara is left out.
Dead man walking.

Duck Water is the 11th episode of Series 8 and it's where the greatest Doctor Who character ever met his tragic end.


Danny fails to SPLINK and pays the ultimate price. In death we discover he was a shitty soldier and a child murderer, lol. So much for muh wells.

Meanwhile Clara Who flies the TARDIS to find Danny who is being molested by Seb. Clara and the Doctor show up at 3W and meet Missy, the Cyberdudes and Doctor Chang. Capaldi gets raped by Missy almost immediately.

The Promised Land is revealed to be a floating soccer ball.


Pretty damn good, maybe a stronger episode than the conclusion.

Many whiny little crybabies objected to the episode because of a minor plot element, 3Ws company motto being "Don't cremate me". It was suggested in the episode that in order to keep the bodies of wealthy shit for brains preserved, the Master spread a lie that the dead are conscious and can feel pain. Even though this was exposed to be a lie and debunked immediately by the Doctor, a group of people with atom thin skin decided to complain that it was too dark and didn't fit with the tone of the show.


Moffat stated explicitly that this was his favorite episode to write during his tenure as showruiner, along with Death in Heaven. Considering the amount of memes this single episode spawned, I don't blame him- Moffat certainly knew of SPLINK being the obsessive fan that he is, and couldn't wait to release a fresh dank meme to the world.