Daleks in Manhattan

Daleks in Manhattan
Season: 3
Episode: 4
Vital statistics
Air date 21 April 2007
Written by Helen Raynor
Directed by James Strong
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Gridlock Evolution of the Daleks

Bad Accents of the Daleks is the fourth Dalek story in NuWho and the fourth episode of Series 3. It's pretty good despite what naysayers like to throw at it. The Daleks abduct humans from the slums of New York in order to build a new Dalek army, also there is a very good cliffhanger that was completely ruined by Radio Times.


You remember Evil of the Daleks, right? No? Well, most people don't.

After drawing out his "one trip" justification, the Doctor and Martha arrive in New York in search of an American fan base, where they and Peter Parker discover an army of Piers Morgan clones beneath the sewers and a secret lab run by the Cult of Skaro.

Also, this episode offers the most ridiculously point-missing allusion to King Solomon in the existence. We can forgive anything, but not this.


  • This two-parter is the first time the series has featured Daleks on the Empire State Building without Southern yokel Morton C. Dill there to point at them. As of 2017, the experiment has not been repeated.