Dalek Movies

The Dalek Movies are two incredibly GOAT and canon movies from the 1960s, featuring Ceter Pushing as "Dr. Who".


The two produced movies were Dr. Who and the Daleks and Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D., although a third film based on The Chase was erased from time by Steven Moffat (thank Basil for that). For more details, see here.


  • "Dr. Who" - A senile old pedophile who somehow managed to build an actual fucking Time Machine in his back garden and kidnap three innocent people (including his own granduaghter) and take them off on an adventure through Time and Space. Like, seriously, he's not even a Time Lord in these movies, he's just an eccentric old man who inexplicably manages to crack the secret of Time Travel in the 19-fucking-60s. Widely regarded to be the only canon incarnation of the Doctor. See Why Dr. Who is canon for more.
  • "Susie Who" - Dr. Who's super-genius young granddaughter. He kept her locked in a box for two movies.
  • Fake Barbara Wright - Barbara, except in chav form. The girlfriend of Fake Ian Chibertron.
  • Fake Ian Jitterman - Eh, this one was OK. Basically just a generic bumbling idiot sidekick. Certainly not a good character, but not an offensively bad one, and honestly not interesting enough to waste time thinking about.
  • Very Real Wilfred Mott - GOAT and Canon. Played by Bernard Cribbins. The Doctor helps him murder two people or something I can't remember or be arsed to check.


Beloved by your senile creepy old grandfather who saw these when they were first in cinemas. However, this fact should not be confused with them being any good. And I say that as a fan! They are however, admittedly Comfy if watched drunk with a group of friends. Of course, anybody browsing this wiki is unlikely to have any IRL friends, so maybe jus watch with some other virgin losers on the Internet or something.