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DWSR are a bunch of bullshit artists who go around trying to make themselves the most important fans in Doctor Who. Unlike their opinions on Trips, gullible anons will actually go out of their way to elevate, discuss and talk about DWSR's shit as if their baseless conjecture is canon. For some reason DWSR drama is like a giant bug zapper for /who/ because nobody actually cares threads will eventually fall into such little traffic that they will die. Any "news" that fans get from them is shitty anyways because outside of the proper context all plot details gained makes the episodes shit anyways.

Any thread that dies because it talked about DWSR too long should be treated as non-canon.

#dwsr: if you care about spoilers, STAY AWAY FROM DWSR!!!! IGNORE IT!!!

Notable dwossers

  • GirlyLetters/Anathema, whose obsession with posting every last scrap of information (no matter how fabricated) is a routine source of unpleasantness.
  • Adam Orford, who is confirmed to be coming for Jenna's Audi. Bodyguards have been dispatched to the scene. Chasing down Peter Capaldi so he can have another photo, whilst holding a folder of all his pictures of Pearl Mackie. Notable for sniffing cast members. Also known to be very satisfying in and out of the bedroom according to a random review on Yelp.
  • George Baker, takes the most awkward photos of cast members. Probably has a Guinness World Record for how many signed photos of Peter Capaldi he has. Looks like he smells like piss.
  • Lucy Crewe, who seems to think that Capaldi absolutely loves her despite the fact that he in fact hates her. She’s like 30 and she still lives with her parents and plays with a fucking sprout toy.
  • Matt Whelan, who does not like being mentioned on this wiki. You hear that guys? A man by the name of Matt Whelan does not want his name on this website. That's M-A-T-T W-H-E-L-A-N. If you want to live you will never write the words 'Matt Whelan' again.

Arch-enemies of the Dr. Who Set Reporters.

Basically anyone who respects the privacy of the cast & crew and express their distaste for the DWSR stalking crew. The stalkers usually reply with “Oh you’re just jealous” or make a video of themselves sitting at their desks with their stupid fucking hats trying to be funny. *Looks sternly at Brian Burress aka Doctor Freedom*

#DWSR debacle of 2016

Impressively, despite /who/ having literally made an account to troll Twitter, Twitter managed to troll itself entirely without /who/'s involvement, with a wave of mocking shitposting hitting the tag at the start of September 2016 and mountains of ensuing drama/bitching. It was funny.

N.B. Most of the shitposting involved people posting pictures of Sausage Rolls (get it? Doctor Who Sausage Rolls? Fine). They were the best. People involved in said shitposting included Dimmeh Looming (who instigated the whole debacle after she got pissed off by DWSR's SJW-like attitude to her jokes about Adric being confirmed for series 10), Members of Whoniversals (why are they still a thing, gawd! They were so last February) and various other individuals who thought that pissing off people who cannot take a fucking joke is hilarious. It was nicknamed by some as "sausagegate"

UPDATE: Turns out the autistic energy was prevalent enough to create a Twitter Paradox, forming itself as the Dr Who Sausage Roll account. As the above passage effectively demonstrates, people who give two shits about DWSR tend to be almost as obnoxious as DWSR itself. The moral of the story? Get them all the fuck off of our wiki. Especially the Dimmeh fanbase. Although, to her (very little) credit, at least Dimmeh never impersonated a lawyer and threatened to sue us like a certain DWSR member did...

Aftermath of the 2016 Debacle

In the aftermath, the spamming seems to have grinded to a halt. Some accounts still shitpost, but none of it is seen by the DWSR stalkers, who apparently have not received the message and continue to stalk and harass members of the Doctor Who cast.

Seriously guys, we're gonna have to make new accounts and do this all over again some time.

The Death of DWSR?


Peter Capaldi's final day of filming was marred by some extremely sketchy behaviour on the part of the dwossers, who deliberately kept the true date of the shoot to themselves in order to hog the poor man's farewell. Rumour had it that word of this chicanery had reached the production team, and with Chris "I Will Sex Gas You To Death" Chibnall of the famously secretive Broadchurch about to take control, things were going to change around here.

In November of 2017 it became terrifyingly clear just how far Chibnall was prepared to go. Far from the leak-heavy, spoilerriffic Moffat years, in which all the big twists and episode plotlines escaped in advance, and the most obsessed online stalkers reigned supreme - Chibnall’s era was marked by a massive tightening of security, which star Bradley Walsh compared to "being a Freemason". A sorrowful missive from @WhoFilming shed light on the sadistic, occult ritual measures now being implemented. /who/ rejoiced, for at last we would be able to experience all of S11's shocking twists and turns without fear of spoilers.