Clumpy is the opposite of comfy. If comfy stories should be watched beneath a warm blanket on a cold morning, clumpy stories are watched as you twist between sweat-drenched sheets on a hot summer night. There's a mosquito buzzing around your room which has already bitten you several times and you have an irrational fear of it flying into your ear while you sleep. Any story that exudes similar unpleasantries is considered clumpy.

Causes of clumpy

Note that clumpy stories can still be good, in the same way that some comfy stories are absolute shite.

List of clumpy episodes

First Doctor

Second Doctor

Third Doctor

Fourth Doctor

Fifth Doctor

Sixth Doctor

Seventh Doctor

Eighth Doctor

Ninth Doctor

Tenth Doctor

Eleventh Doctor

Twelfth Doctor

Bonus Round

*Denotes a story generally deemed qualitatively good by /who/, but still clumpy due to the material being highly disturbing such that it bores into your brain.