Claudia Boleyn

"I know I have the body of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the heart and stomach of a king!"
Was it a Utopia moment, /who/?

Claudia Boleyn is a noted feminist Tumblr YouTuber and epic stream meme. She's often known for hating the Eleventh Doctor (based) and Steven Moffat (BASED). Due to what can only be described as Stockholm Syndrome, /who/ seems to have gone from hating her to ironically liking her videos to unironically enjoying her videos. If you visit the stream, expect to see at least one (but most likely a wide range) of her insightful vlogs sandwiched between other such kino, like fucking Roblox.

She sings sometimes, and she's pretty good, I'm not gonna lie. She's also known to be a big fan of endoscopy procedures (she's not the only one), and enjoys documenting them on her channel.

She blocked Nilso on twitter because he acted as a Churchill apologist.

Real talk, tho

She's got some creepy looking doll eyes. I can't imagine anybody making eye contact with her without wincing.

Her cover of that song by the Black Kids was pretty gud desu