Gay Sex!
The show in a nutshell really.
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File:"The IT Class" - A Class Fanfilm (@5wf -homework entry)
A planned episode which was ultimately cut for not being edgy enough.

Class is a spin-off show aimed at a young adult audience about schoolchildren fighting aliens that nobody asked for. It is set at Coal Hill School. It will probably be shit and it's a stupid idea. Especially considering Moffat should focus on fixing the writing in the actual series. It is the most original thing since Into The Dalek.

ITS GONNA BE BETTER THAN TORCHWOOD AND SJA DESU (still won't be as good as either K-9 show though.)


The Doctor needs to deal with someone's crack opening so he recruits a team of teenagers with attitude and your horny old physics teacher from school.


  • It's written by P. Ness, who claims to already know how the series will end. Yeah, so do we.
  • It will be fucking VNA level dark. In a live hostage broadcast on September 23 the cast shared traumatic memories of seeing "so much blood [they] felt sick" and described the experience as "raw".
  • It's basically the BBC's attempt at promoting equality and diversity, which is obvious from the numerous references to race and gender in the series. Torchwood was so much better at doing all that shit, without making it blatantly obvious.


Coming to bring us all into Darkness.
  • Vivian Oparah as Tanya, the black one.
  • Greg Austin as Charlie, the twink balding one. JUST
  • Sophie Hopkins as April, the waifu one.
  • Fady Elsayed as Ram, the Zygon one.
  • Katherine Kelly as Miss Quill, the teacher who likes to carry a gun on the premises.

/who/ is currently engaged in debating which one(s) will be gay and/or take their clothes off. Look fuck off it's obviously going to be Fady's character, they keep stressing how 'caring' and 'passionate' and 'good-hearted' he is, he's going to be the one who gives off a masculine appearance but is sweet inside and has a manly love for another man and likes a bit of bum fun. Don't even think of arguing with me, alright?

It was Charlie. Kill me.

^Yeah, but you weren't wrong about Fady either, so we won't kill you yet.


Title Synopsis
For Tonight We Might Die You sit through 30 minutes of wrist-slitting agony to finally see Lord Pietro return. Plot devices abound.
The Coach With The Dragon Tattoo Some dragon comes through a crack in time and attaches itself to a coach for some reason.
Nightvisiting Some tentacle monster attacks a bunch of people.
Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart The Shadow Kin are the shittest antagonists, I swear to god.
Brave-ish Heart See above. White bread goes to Toaster Land, comes back a bit burnt.
Detained The Only Even Remotely Good Episode

Tbh bottle episodes are easy mode so this isn't some great achievement. Ends with all the kids hating each other.

The Metaphysical Engine, or What Quill Did The Other Only Even Remotely Good Episode

Better because no kids, but worse because it has a total shambles of a structure. Quill travels to realms that don't exist outside of the imagination, like heaven. And she porks some black dude

The Lost Manages the impressive feat of being more of a clusterfuck than the average New Who finale. Rife with gratuitous teasing for a sequel that might not even will NEVER EVER come, it shambles through a totally contrived reprise of the Shadow Kin bollocks complete with startlingly ineffective angst for our main characters, and ends on a note so absurd it's impossible to even give half a shit anymore. But on the plus side, it doesn't cop out of the genocide thing.
The Books Yep there were spin off books of this.

Second Season?

Lol, no. Even if it happens, P. Ness said he was sacked, meaning we won't be able to see his plans for a Weeping Angel civil war, or shirtless wood chopping.

UPDATE: On 7th Spetember 2017 it was confirmed by BBC3 that series two would not happen and the show was cancelled. The Internet responded by not really doing anything because nobody watched this shit anyway.