Clarence and the Whispermen

Clarence and the Whispermen
Season: 7
Episode: Minisode
Vital statistics
Air date 22 May 2013
Written by Steven Muppet
Directed by Who nose?
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Rain Gods She Said, He Said

Clarence and the Pissermen is a minisode that sets the stage for The Name of the Doctor, and is an example of how there were way too goddamn many minisodes in the Matt Shit era. How many people have honestly watched this clip? Did you even know it existed until you read this page?

In as brief a description as possible, it explains how the insane guy knew about the Doctor's dirty little secret, as it was fucked into his skull by the Whispermen when they gang-raped him in his cell.

Honestly, couldn't they have just made it part of the episode itself instead of adding it to the pile of 2 minute segments of Matt Smith scratching his balls that no one has ever watched?