Vital statistics
Range Main Range
Release number 68
Release date April 2005
Writer Alison Lawson
Doctor Sixth Doctor
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Dreamtime Three's a Crowd

Catch-1782, otherwise known as Timey-Wimey and Incest, is an audio drama by Big Titties Productions, starring the Baker of Pies as 666 and Bonnie's Wang as Carrot Hair.


During a visit to her uncle in 2003, Mel decides to get a personality outside of being annoying by researching her family history, learning of a crazy lady who ended up in the care (and bed) of one of her ancestors. Conveniently and ironically, she then gets thrown back in time by about 300 years, feels a bit groggy and gets stuck in the company of that same ancestor for six months, who reveals that he really wants to ravage Mel's "Bush", if you get what I mean (ergo, Mel is destined to become the crazy lady she read up about). The Doctor and Mel's uncle turn up to save her from great great great great great great granddaddy's cock, but somehow also have to ensure that the timeline isn't rewritten. How'd they do it? Listen to it and find out, you stingy pleb.



GOATER timey wimey story than Blink. Yeah, I said it.