Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart

The Brigadier
The Brigadier.png
Vital statistics
Played by Nicholas Courtney
Years active 1968 - 1989
Travelled with The Doctor
First story The Web of Fear
Last story Battlefield & Death in Heaven
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Liz Shaw John Benton
The Brig about to kick some alien ass.
The Brig in action.
A rare surviving photo of the Brigadiers original appearance, for legal purposes, the BBC still cannot confirm its existence.
Makes as much sense as Cyberbrig.
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Canon as fuck.

Brigadier Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart (played by Nicholas Courtney) is and will always be the greatest human being in the history of Doctor Who, possibly next to Ian Chatterbone.


The Brigadier was known for his massive penis which he used to slay many an alien and woman. Along with UNIT he defended Earth on a daily basis and took shits that would make young women weep and then give birth because they had only but a whiff of his essence.


  • The Brigadier died but came back as CyberBrig. He currently patrols the Earth with his welded-on moustache and has a jolly good time doing it.
  • He will kill you if you make advances towards his cougar daughter, Kate Lethbridge-Stewart.


The Brig didn't mind at all that his entire squad was made up of homosexuals, as long as he was allowed to make constant gay jokes and act like they were unintentional.

  • They're called "UNIT".
  • "How many men have you?" "Five or six—and Captain Hawkings."
  • "Benton, you're far too delicate for that kind of work."
  • "Fancy a dance?" "Kind of you, Yates, but I'm much rather have a pint."
  • "Benton, you and Yates go lay on a jeep."
  • "Bring some men with you. I'm as naked as a babe in a bath."
  • "Don't worry, my men can beat them off."
  • "Brigadier, quick, get it up!" "Doctor, you can't go down, not now, it's too dangerous!"
  • "Harry here is only qualified to work on sailors."
  • "We'll pump him. My men are well qualified for that."


The Brig appeared a lot, first in 1968's The Web of Fear and last in 1989's Battlefield came back to guest-star in a 2008 episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Unfortunately Nicholas Courtney died having not appeared in NuWho. Despite this he was able to do a quick cameo in the Series 8 finale Death in Heaven. What a guy.


The show came under a massive lawsuit from Gamefreak, after the BBC was accused of plagiarising the water type Pokemon Frogadier, his frog like appearance and popular catchphrase "Gosh golly jee Doctor, this situation sure is a rough crumpet!" were shared by the Pokemon of the same name. Gamefreak won the court case, and BBC was forced to re-edit the episodes and change the appearance of the character, Nicholas Courtney was hired to replace the scenes with the animated Frog character, and all older footage featuring the original Frogadier was destroyed.


He is based and may you soil yourself if you disagree.