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One of the many reasons why this wiki doesn't always 100% match /who/  is because /who/ changed a lot during the past year, more than anybody seems to acknowledge.  The descrepencies between this wiki and /who/ are not, in fact, exclusively the Redditers' and Facebookers' fault, though they didn't help.  When I first joined /who/, less than a year ago, lots of different people came with lots of different ideas.  Since then, its userbase, opinions, and conversation topics seem to have been shrinking, and this wiki has lots of old articles that sometimes reflects what /who/ used to be like and what its users used to talk about.  In all fairness, the change is not entirely anybody's fault.  The Revived version of the show was on for twelve years, so it's no longer event television, so fewer people are invested in it.  It was only a matter of time until /who/ began to weaken.  To counter this problem, we should probably move it all to the forums or the Discord, which are both more easily accessible to new recruits, so that it would gain new blood and some fresh, inspired memes.