Blood of the Daleks

Blood of the Daleks
Vital statistics
Range Eighth Doctor Adventures (the audio ones)
Release number 1 & 2
Release date Original broadcast: 31 December 2006

Release: January & February 2007

Writer Steve Lyons
Doctor Eighth Doctor
Publication order
Previous Next
Nothing, retard (tho chronologically, it's The Girl Who Never Was) Horror of Glam Rock


Blood of the Daleks was the first adventure in Big Finish's brand new range What if Paul McGann had been cast in the New Series? It featured Paul McGaul as a much snarkier Eighth Doctor, as well as the debut of Sheridan Scratch n Sniff as the equally snarky Lucie Bleedin' Miller. Oh, and that Agent Carter girl who people think should be the next Doctor is in this. And Daleks, but that goes without saying.


Following the departure of a previous assistant, a gobby loudmouth woman on her way to an important event in her life gets warped into the TARDIS by an alien force. With no choice but to unwillingly stick together, the Doctor and Lucie wind up on a desperate colony planet that the Daleks are fucking up because there's an impure breed of their species being created out of disgusting h00munz by some Davros-lite scientist person (a.k.a, Hayley Atwell).


  • This story continues the Dalek Civil War theme of the 80s, except instead of a cock measuring contest between Davros and the Supermeme Dalek, it's just pure Kaleds vs human hybrids.
  • The Daleks pretend to be nice in this one, which is always simultaneously funny and creepy to hear, especially with lines like "The Daleks are... Glad to be of assistance".
  • Lucie strips off at one point to get a Daleks' attention. No, really.
  • The Headhunter appears at the end, getting damp over the prospect of stalking Lucie.
  • Did you really have to split this story into two separate releases just to milk more cash from my wallet, Briggs?
  • The planet is called Red Rocket Rising. Honestly, with naming skills like that, those people deserved to die.


A great start to the new range. Likable characters and a solid plot. Decent start to Eight and Lucie's relationship too.