Bernice Summerfield

Bernice Summerfield
Benny shooting some over-sized testicles.
Benny shooting some over-sized testicles.
Vital statistics
Played by Lisa Bowerman
Years active 1992 - Now
Travelled with Seventh Doctor , also shagged Eighth Doctor
First story Love and War
Last story There's a new one all the fucking time.
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Hex Chris Cwej
Benny in a trailer for her Martian-themed porno.
The cucked becomes the cucker.
Wait, that's not right, how did this pic get here...

Bernice Summerfield is a party girl, a professor of archaeology, a genre-savvy sci-fi action heroine, and a companion/lover of the Doctor. She is played by Lisa Bowerman.

Steven Moffat's lawyers have advised this wiki that he never read any of the Virgin New Adventures that featured her.


After the BBC stole Doctor Who from the virgins playing with it, they wrapped their greasy little fingers around Bernice and put together a series of ostentatiously obscure books starring her, leading to a line of audios and a short animinimation by newly formed company Big Finish, and the rest is barely remembered non-history.


"The Doctor was in the center of the room, his umbrella held in front of him. Before him, crouched but still brushing the ceiling, was a terrifying creature... and I say that as a woman who has woken up next to a few..."

"Next time, try putting together some Cyberwomen - maybe a feminine touch will do your race the power of good!"