>tfw you rustle jimmies like a pro
Banned 1.png
Banned 2.png
Banned 3.png
All banned on the same day. RIP bros.

You are banned! ;_; You have been permanently banned from all boards for posting your opinion.

Your ban was filed on the day you were born. This ban will not expire. According to our server you are a fucking cunt. The name you were posting with was Anonymous. Your appeal was reviewed and denied. You may not re-appeal this ban. Please end your life.


Banned is what you get when you post on Gallifrey Base.

You'll also get banned on 4chan from time to time, depending on the whims of our beloved mods and janitors.


Many heroic /who/vians were recently permabanned from GB during The Second Last Great Gallifrey Base/4chan War. Please join with me in a moment's silence as we remember our fallen comrades.

"/who/res die, that's what we're here for. But /who/ lives forever. And that means you live forever."

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