Internet Points Matter
The ten worst people on the internet.

Badges are the precious glue which holds this wiki together. For without Badges we may actually start living our lives and go outside.

The quest for badges also serve the same function as a video game, except for free.

The Badge Pleb Test

If you find yourself:

  • Constantly making stupid categories that are generalisable enough to be easily exploited for badges (Example: The category for stories that feature sheds)
  • Making gallery pages which only serve as licenses to get picture badges (Example: The page on Showruiner's anuses)
  • Making pages for meaningless characters in a way that borders on TARDIS Data Core levels of obsessive (example: The page on 'Woman with Bags 3 (Love and Monsters Scene 11)'
  • Getting into an editing war with a content deleter rather than actually doing anything to stop it. (example: the editing war on the page for Clara's Left Testicle)
  • Making pages on things no one cares about other than you (example: the 5,000 paragraph entry on Malcolm Hulke's left knee)
  • Writing about minutia on the Admins walls.
  • Delibirately leaving pages without links so you can finish the job later
  • Commenting on millennia old Blog Posts
  • Fuck, just writing blog posts in general

Then you may be a desperate badge whore who has lost even the most basic grasp on what it means to be alive. On the bright side you may very well get in the very top of the leader board.