Azeottaff grave.jpg
Goodnight sweet prince.

Azeottaff is a sigil representing the ultimate ego death. The breakdown of all singular, coherent identity into an amorphous repeating concept. What happens when the self disappears, but the meme persists.

Record of Azeottaff constituent elements prior to ego dissolution.

  • Was utterly new. Once asked, "what is banepasting? *posting."
  • Used smilies everywhere like he was on fucking Skype, generally showed minimal knowledge of 4chan etiquette.
  • As one might have guessed, he discovered /who/ through Reddit as a result of its recent spoiler shenanigans.
  • Tennant was his favourite Doctor. BOOO!
  • Wanted to set off some kind of reprise of the Gallifrey Base shitposting spree. Was foiled by the /who/-GB mole Stern Rodgers. Stern seemed to be the only meme he knew.
  • Posted continual screencaps of his GB shitposts "epic bantz x)" like they were funny and anyone was meant to care about them.
    And why do we move around? So the bones are spread about a bit after we die, sorted into pretty patterns, just like Lady's relics. The things we come up with while we're walking around, the symbols and the smiley-face badges, they're all part of the collection as well. Lawrence Miles - Dead Romance
  • Did one admittedly pretty funny photoshop of Bad Wolf Bay with that dead kid on the beach, although it only really ascended beyond edgy 12-year-old humour in the sense that it (probably unintentionally) carried an implicit swipe against obsessive fans of 10/Rose. maybe that's just my dislike of 10/Rose fans talking
  • Clarified that it was inspired by a thread on /b/, also known as the board so shitty that the rest of the site has largely forgotten it exists (and of course the first port of call for underages).
  • Posted another shoop of the dead boy next to Matt Smith lying on the carpet beside the Moff. I don't think that one really resonated with anyone, but that didn't stop him from reposting it in a later thread.
  • The above event triggered a dispute with some anons over his egotistical tendencies which provoked the following dissolution:
Okay give me a reason why having some sorta identification on here is a bad thing Stern?
— Azeottaff, sealing his fate.

How To Abort A Namefriend

Anon reply #1: The Appeal to Reason

It's not necessary
4chan is built on the concept of anonymity, where your words speak for themselves instead of building up some reputation. Giving yourself an identity is only necessary when you need to prove your identity in some way, which 99% of the time you do not


Please lurk more if you don't understand this concept, because as long as you give yourself a name and act like this is the same as reddit it will derail conversations into the exact same discussion we are having now instead of the topic of the thread

Anon reply #2: The Death Blow

Fact 1: You are currently making bad posts due to your newness to 4chan. This is largely unavoidable.
Fact 2: With every further bad post you make under a single username, other people in the thread start picking up on your annoying habits (like calling everyone who criticises you 'Stern', because the only thing you seem to know is your own GB "bantz" antics from yesterday) and become more and more aware of your identity as a shit poster.

Fact 3: If this continues you will become an actively antagonised character, and in the worst case scenario, even a meme. Conversations and threads will begin to distort themselves around your personal gravity to the detriment of everything. I can just see it now.
  >fuck off Azeotaff
  will be the new "fuck off Prog".


Only you can stop this.

Underline indicates the point at which the words that kill were typed, creating the negative space around the meme inside the ludic sphere of /who/ and thus fixing its creation as an inevitability.

C i r c l e.jpg

In which the mark is Metatextually Disintegrated; full Infosorption

Anonymous posted:

Alright alright point taken lol.I'll stop naming myself.

azeottaff posted:

I think you all just hate me because I don't like Capaldi.

Anonymous posted: >

Yeah that isn't me.

What followed was a string of posts under the handle of azeottaff from multiple different users, each attempting to be as obnoxious as possible. Ironically, if he had actually taken a tripcode this step wouldn't have happened.

This was the permanent end of Azeottaff as a singular, constructed persona within /who/.

The meme that Azeottaff was transmuted into most likely only lasted as long as that sequence of posts. Nevertheless it is indelible.

Azeottaff could perhaps have just been persuaded to give up his name. But could that be a permanent solution? The meme-ification of the very name azeottaff salted the earth, and ensured that the entity could never return without being lost in the ambiguity and memetic text of its past.

This is a unique, fascinating phenomenon in the apocrypha of /who/. May it stand as monument, guide, and warning.