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Marble are a terrible company currently in league with Satan. They are the archenemy of DC.


Marvel are probably best known for producing the harrowing WWII holocaust drama Thor: The Dark World for which lead actor Christ Ecclesquire won a record-breaking twenty-seven Academy Awards.

They've also managed to get their hooks into Karen Gillan and David Tennant.

Marvel UK

Back in the 20th century, it was impossible for comics to cross the Atlantic in a timely fashion because steamships hadn't been invented yet, so Marvel created a British subsidiary, run by Pet Shop Boy Neil Tennant. They mostly just took Marvel comics, arbitrarily cut each issue's story into four pieces so they could sell it as four weekly issues instead of one monthly, and printed them in black & white to avoid shocking British sensibilities with colour. However, they did produce some new comics by people like Alan Moore and Chris Claremont, who would eventually get popular after they sold out to the Yanks.

By the late 70s, Marvel UK was failing, but then they started Doctor Who Magazine, which was a huge success for decades, until Andrew Cartmel's comics being too good managed to get all of Marvel UK canceled and sold off to a sticker company from Italy.