Attack of the Cybermen

Attack of the Cybermen
Attack of the Cybermen.jpg
Season: 22
Episode: 1
Vital statistics
Air date 5 - 12 January 1985
Written by "Paula Moore"? Meh just blame Saward or something.
Directed by Matthew Robinson
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The Twin Dilemma Vengeance on Varos

Attack the Cyberblock is the first serial of Season 22 and stars Cousin Banger as Sixie and Nicola Bryant as Peril.

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While trying to fix the TARDIS's chameleon circuit, the Sixth Doctor returns to Foreman's Yard on Totter's Lane in 1985, where he meets his old enemies the Cybermen. They have come from the future to change history by sending Hayley's Comet crashing into EarthLytton, last seen working for the Daleks, is involved in the Cybermen's plot. Is Lytton working for the Cybermen, himself or someone else? Eh, who cares.


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