The Great 2017 /who/ Wiki Reclamation

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It is said that in the final days of Doctor Who General, everyone had bad memes. To the west of the north of that world, the /who/re race did gather, in the celebration of a pagan rite to banish the boardies and the trolls. Each and every one of those people had dreamt of the terrible things to come. But they forgot, because they must. They forgot their nightmares of fire and war and insanity. They forgot. Except for one.

The Great 2017 /who/ Wiki Reclamation had many names. Some called it The Last Great Doctor Who General/Wiki War. Others called it The /who/re Uprising. And to several, it was referred to as holy shit just shut the fuck up with this autistic drama.

The exact date the war began is unknown. It is believed to be when the wiki was posted to Facebook and attracted the normies to our quiet, tranquil place. Was this where the wiki became mainstream? Keyboards clacked away for months upon months with nary a peep from the seasoned /who/res visiting this fine site. But it was discovered that there were more sinister things going on behind the screens: the non-/who/res began to rise to the point of overtaking /who/res, writing article after article about background characters in The Sarah Jane Adventures. Article after article about audios that literally no one ever bought. Some, might I add, were bumped up to wiki admin status due to the sheer amount of contributions to the wiki - but was it quality content, or merely diluting the pool of in-depth /who/-related articles with stubs of vaguely witty name puns for tertiary and quaternary characters? /who/ certainly believed the latter. Was this for the completionist's sake? Or merely for bumping up the page limit? These are the questions that plague /who/storians even to this day.

But information was struck once TARDISposting tried to create pages on their own memes, backfiring hilariously. However, the increased attention towards the wiki was noted by many /who/res and led them to question the wiki's integrity: just how many people active on the wiki right now are from here?. It goes without saying that the original purpose of this wiki was to chronicle /who/ events, people, and epic memes. And as the article amount grew and grew and grew, the /who/res faced their most difficult question yet: what is /who/ wiki becoming now?. Plebbit referred to us as the "dw-shitpost-wiki", citing Scongo as one of our many articles - which, may I point out, does not represent us at all - and the popularity of the Times Doctor Who Was Ruined Forever page had certainly become a mainstay, posted all over the internet. The wiki itself had garnered several terrible pages, and to no surprise they were completely unrelated to Doctor Who, and definitely not related to /who/ itself. It slowly became a knock-off uncyclopedia. Worse still, users with usernames such as Getajob and COCANE MITCH were bringing some personal shitty slap fight from something called the 'Oldsouls wiki' (no, I had no idea what that was either - apparently it’s a wiki dedicated to...old people? And it for some reason is a spawning ground for drama that leaks all over wikia? I’ll never understand that website) over to our own forums for some fucking reason. Why they chose a DW Shitposting Wiki wiki for chronicling /who/ memes and events of all things as their arena is unknown to this day, but suspected to be because they were fucking morons who didn't care which wiki they were shitting up and would hold their petty Internet squabbles on literally any wikia.

Cats12 decided to take some action towards one of these pages - the infamous Dimmeh Looming article, unrelated to /who/ and generally just a self-aggrandising lulsorandumb shitpost. In-keeping with /who/'s sense of /who/mour, Cats sent the page on a redirect to Looms. And it was a success! For a while, at the very least. A couple of the non-/who/re wiki contributors made it their goal to undo Cats' persistent edits to this page, until the final straw: the page was locked by an admin for the reason of vandalism. Vandalism of a /who/ wiki by /who/'s most infamous shitposter and John Wiles enthusiast, called out by an admin who had never set foot upon our general. Who was in the wrong here? Indeed, Cats represented the majority /who/ opinion of wanting to redirect the page. And after all, it's our wiki. But then we reach a technicality: is it really our wiki if it's run by non-/who/re admins? The sensible thing would be to make /who/ have no owners, some thought. /who/ wiki is a community site, but what happens when the community whose wiki it is becomes overthrown by the clutches of hierarchy?

Would /who/ wiki be reclaimed by its rightful ambassadors?

UPDATE: After the Wiki Migration, the non-/who/res have been left behind in the dust. Also, since the migration effectively forced us to start from scratch (the pages/edit histories and everything are still here, but our accounts had to be recreated), all the non-/who/re admins, indeed all the admins of any sort, lost adminship, giving us a chance to reboot the admin list, filling it up with 100% /who/res. The wiki is now officially back under /who/re control (although all the non-/who/re admins and a majority of the non-/who/re users were inactive anyways) Honesly, I almost miss them. The drama was actually sorta fun. Now I have one less thing keeping me alive. They will not be missed by anyone, and we’re all glad to see the back of them. Thank the FANDOM staff fro closing us, tbh, now the plebs are filtered and all we have to deal with are the spambots. Also, Theblackadder5 created a wiki for some shitty discord server called ‘The Enclave’, which is basically an unfunny off-brand version of this one, right down to copying a lot of our categories and mirroring his garbage deleted pages, and is pretty much only edited by him and occasionally his army of Normies and Cletuses. It has since been removed, and may or may not have been reported by the editor of this page, who may or may not be a certain /who/re named after a certain Tom Bakery story.

Well, that’s not actually quite the end of the story. There was a brief incident shortly after the new wiki was created where NightmareofEden took over LegoK9’s account and fucked around with it a bit, some anons noticed and started speculating as to whether it was really LegoK9, N8 shot him a PM on Reddit to confirm or deny this, and LegoK9 created a new account. However, he hasn’t actually used that account since creating it, and seems to have finally learnt that we don’t want random Redditors coming in here, so... I guess we’re safe... hopefully?