Attack Eyebrows (album)

Attack Eyebrows (album)
Attack Eyebrows Album.png
Artist Doctor and The Whos
Type Unknown
Released July 2016
Recorded August 2015 - January 2016
Genre Rock, Pop, Folk
Length 46:52
Label /who/ Records
Producer Steven Moffat

Ian Levine

Album Attack Eyebrows (album)
Release Chronology
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Pure Canon Out With a Gangbang
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Album release 2016
Next release 2017

Attack Eyebrows is the the second studio album by British rock band Doctor and The Whos. It is named after the lead vocalist and guitar player Peter Capaldi's eyebrows, known for their ferocious appearance.

Clara Oswald only recorded 3 songs for Attack Eyebrows before dying and running away to have lesbian adventures in a stolen TARDIS. For the remainder of the album, CyberBrig replaced her as drummer while the band searched for a replacement.

The album is scheduled to be released in July 2016.

Track Listing

No. Title Music Length
1. Smells Like Levine Spirit (ft. Who Cares?) Doctor, Brig, Foxes, Oswald, Levine, Various Artists 5:01
2. Smoke on the Waterfield Doctor, Brig, Foxes, Oswald 5:41
3. Boom Boom Pow-er of the Daleks Doctor, Brig, Foxes 5:08
4. Drahva on My Mind Doctor, Brig, Foxes 3:35
5. Nobody No-One That I Used To Know Doctor, Foxes 4:04
6. Sgt. Benton's Lonely Hearts Club Band (ft. John Benton) Doctor, Brig, Benton 4:50
7. Viva la Voga Doctor, Foxes 4:01
8. Straight Outta Exxilon Doctor, Brig, Foxes 4:26
9. Mondasian Rhapsody Doctor, Brig 5:55
10. My Pancakes (Black Eyed Peas cover - My Humps) Doctor, Oswald 4:11