Vital statistics
Range Main Range
Release number 209
Release date 17 February 2016
Writer Simon Barnard and Paul Morris
Doctor Fifth Doctor
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The Waters of Amsterdam The Peterloo Massacre

"Every gentleman should have their own personal gentlemen."

Aquitane is an ear story much loved by Edge_Lord_Victorious, and rightfully so because it is GOAT and canon. It stars Peuh Dayvizun as Fiya, Susan Suckle as Nice, and Jonah Field as Aussie Wanka.


Y'know World Enough and Time? Yeah, that story is pretty much a copy and paste of this, fused with elements of Spare Parts. The TARDIS responds to a distress call from a huge space station near a black hole, the space station is split into different time zones, one of the assistants gets separated from the Doctor and is partially transformed into a monster, she meets a guy with an accent who turns out to be a bit of a bastard... fucking hell Moffuck, y'all copying from Big Finish just to write a good story? Not that World Enough and Time was really all that great anyway, but I digress.

It's a pretty comfy story. There's a based robot called Hargreaves who has a posh accent and offers tea and is oh so British. Tegan and Nyssa even suggest that he should join them on their adventures, but alas the Doka refuses.

But yeah, the crew of the ship have been scattered in time and one of them has lost it and is mutating his fellow crew members into plants, and you can tell he's the villain because he's Russian. He also roofies Nyssa at one point.

The day is saved by Hargreaves linking to himself throughout time and rewriting history so that none of it ever happens except it still sorta does.


A based story gone Timey-Wimey.