Anji Kapoor

Anji Kapoor
RIP Anji, we hardly knew ye.
RIP Anji, we hardly knew ye.
Vital statistics
Played by Nobody No-One
Years active 2001 - 2003
Travelled with Eighth Doctor
First story Escape Velocity
Last story Timeless
Previous Next
Compassion Trix MacMillan

Anji was a companion to the Eighth Doctor in the Eighth Doctor Adventures novels. She is not to be confused with Angie, that cunt bitch hoe from Nightmare in Silver who ended up getting Cyberraped by the Cyberplanner.


Anji was a City of London capitalist running dog pig, which meant the writers got to explore whether Thatcherites might actually have emotions like real humans.

At the same time, she was a Token Asian (her parents immigrating from India, except in the books where her grandparents immigrated from Pakistan or she was born in Nepal instead), which gave them a chance to write about how racism is bad, for the first time since they killed off future black lady racist Roz in the previous novels.

Plus, her family were super-religious Hindus, which meant the writers could write about how super-religion is super-bad without American Christians or Arab Muslims bombing their offices. Or they could write about how cool Buddhism is because whatever, Hinduism, Buddhism, same thing, right?

Since it had been a long time since they'd had a present-day human female companion, the writers also got to have Anji complain about strident feminists while constantly muttering under her breath about Fitz's chauvinism and sexist societies.

Finally, while she looked like someone who should sound either Home Counties or Indian, she actually had a broad Yorkshire accent (which is funny if you're English), except that in most of the books she sounded Home Counties instead.

She may have also had a personality and other character traits, but with only 26 novels, there was no time to explore any of that.


Anji's boyfriend David (a useless sci-fi nerd who got to play a Cybertron Leader in Professor X) got killed in the middle of one of Fitz's adventures. She was so grief-stricken that she agreed to join the BBC novels. As it happened, the Doctor had just recovered his TARDIS, so he and Fitz took her along.

Anji traveled with Fitz and the Doctor through their fun stories, then the boring ones, then the inconsistent ones with Sabbath.

At one point, she broke a heel running away, and after that she stopped wearing high heels around the quarries and corridor mazes, becoming the first female companion ever to figure that out.

Eventually, the writers remembered that they had added a super-hot super-con-artist chick and then forgotten about her for a few novels, and she sounded more fun to write about than Anji. So, they gave Anji an orphan girl to look after and dumped her on Earth. She then used her knowledge of future history to get rich on the stock market, which the Doctor is perfectly fine with if you're not an annoying 21st century version of Adric who wants to sleep with Rose.