Animated Second Doctor

Animated Second Doctor
Channeling Capaldi.
Channeling Capaldi.
Played by Second Doctor, who was in turn played by Patrick Troughton.
Years Active 2006, then on and off since 2013.
First story The Invasion
Last story The Power of the Daleks
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Animated Second Doctor is an alternate version of our lord and savior Patty Tratty, created to fill the gaps in the DVD releases of incomplete stories because the BBC sharted all over some episodes. If he had never been created, we would only have maybe nine Second Doctor DVD releases.

He is ultra-level canon until the episodes he was created to fill get recovered, which they likely never will.

Character info

Considering that his appearance and actions are based on episodes that the Second Doctor was in, his personality is pretty much exactly the same as his real life counterpart. However, what many people don't realise is that he is the reason why so many of Pat's episodes are missing in the first place - using his Animated TARDIS, he traveled to our dimension and back to the early 70s, where he helped junk a large majority of Troughton's stories, ergo creating more potential gaps that the BBC could hire him for. His ultimate goal is to travel back again and purge the rest of Troughton's stories from existence, maybe even replacing him in the official line up of Doctors.


So far, he has appeared in four (technically five) DVD releases, namely The Invasion (2006), The Ice Warriors and The Tenth Planet (2013), The Moonbase (2014) and The Power of the Daleks (2016). He was also supposed to be featured in an animation for The Underwater Menace, but then the BBC just couldn't be arsed anymore and instead released gawd-awful telesnap reconstructions that didn't even feature the surviving clips or the fucking title sequence. They also used this method to reconstruct Episode 3 of The Web of Fear, because it's not like the first appearance of the Brigadier is worth wasting good animation on, right?

There are plans to do more animated Second Doctor in the future. Most likely The Space Pirates.

He has been animated by Cosgrove Hall, Planet 55, BBC Studios and Quiros Entertainment. Most of these went bust afterwards btw. BRAVO CARTOON TROUGHT.


Other animated Doctors

Animated First Doctor

Just like Animated Second Doctor, Animated First Doctor was created to fill gaps left by missing episodes. So far, he has been used in The Reign of Terror, The Tenth Planet and... that's it. No really, that's all they've done of him. Last we heard, he was begging on street corners for a job, however no one wants to animate the bloody Celestial Toymaker because it's horseshit.

Animated Fourth Doctor

Animated Fourth Doctor was invented by Ian Levine and created by a team of slaves for the purpose of creating a special version of Shada for a DVD release. The BBC, recognizing how autistic Levine was, decided to troll him hard by not allowing it to be distributed, and instead created their own version with actual production values. I doubt Levine is too miffed about this, however - he probably would've ended up hoarding it for himself in the end so he could be the only person who's seen every episode.

Animated Sixth Doctor

Animated Sixth Doctor was created to cause new missing episodes. Reel Time is webcast from a Real Media server that no longer exists. But, even if it did, it's in that one version of Real Video that won't play in any software that runs on modern computers. Don't worry, the website promises to convert it to a new format "as soon as possible", and after 7 years, I'll bet Handbrake is pretty close to 100% finished. Although nobody has ever seen the video, rumors are that the character looks like Colin Baker after a serious diet, and wearing solid blue instead of JNT's bad trip.

Animated Seventh Doctor

Animated Seventh Doctor was created to permanently kill off Doctor Who, since Live-Action Seventh Doctor getting the show canceled hadn't been enough to stop people like Cornell, Davies, Gatiss and Moffat from dropping by the BBC every week to pitch some new plan to bring the show back to TV. Death Comes to Time conclusively de-canonizes the TV movie, the Virgin novels, and the Big Finish audios, and ends with the Doctor dying, or maybe becoming a god or whatever, but absolutely no regeneration and no more Doctors ever again. This version of the Doctor looks like children's TV actor Sylvester McCoy, except that he's as tall as many of the other characters instead of being in danger of being trod on by Ace.

Animated Eighth Doctor

For the 40th anniversary of the show (even though it wasn't a show anymore at the time), they decided to finish off the famously incomplete story Shada, because who didn't want more Tom Baker and more Douglas Adams? So they replaced Douglas Adams' script with a new one by Gary Russell and replaced the Fourth Doctor with the Eighth and redid the whole thing from scratch. Anim-Eight looks pretty good, except for the fact that he doesn't move, the camera just pans around still shots of him, and half the time his hair flops to the wrong side. This is because, instead of hiring an animator, they told the comic-book artist who did the backgrounds and character designs to figure out how to do Flash and animate it himself.

Animated Ninth Doctor

Oh yeah, there was Shalka too... yeah, he exists... Ain't canon tho, so it don't matter. Surprisingly, Animated Ninth Doctor looks nothing like the canonical Ninth Doctor, and instead looks like that guy who did that one movie with Paul McGann that Brits think is funny but Americans fall asleep during.

Animated Tenth Doctor

The Tenth Doctor has also had his share of animated adventures, though less to do with missing content or permanently ending the show or whatever, and more to do with the BBC just wanting to put something noteworthy on Totally Doctor Who for once. First he was in The Infinite Quest (animated by the same people who did The Invasion animation and written by a Big Finish writer), which was alright even if half the time it didn't really look that much like David Tennant at all. Then he was in Dreamland, and... heh... heheheh... yeah, nevermind...

Animated Eleventh Doctor

Could you even count this one? He appears in the myriad of games the BBC released between 2010 and 2013, and in his various different forms looks just about vaguely like Matt Smith. Granted for the most part you're playing as him, but occasionally you get some cutscenes that bungee jump into the uncanny valley where Matt delivers some of the flattest and most bored-sounding dialogue ever recorded that makes Kristen Stewart actually sound like she has a concept of emotions.

Animated Twelfth Doctor

The animated Twelfth Doctor has not actually appeared in any official Doctor Who, rather only appearing in an advert welcoming loyal subjects to watch the BBC programs over Christmas. In this, he and several other animated BBC stars who I don't recognise invite a sentient sprout to dinner in the middle of the woods. It is left ambiguous as to whether or not the Doctor ate the sprout in the end. All that is known is how creepy he looks, with the animation style (especially when considering the eyes) looks like it was made for Satan's puppet show.

The LEGO Doctors

All the Doctors appear in short bricky animated form in LEGO Dimensions, although Capaldick is the only one who ever really appears in cutscenes and shit.

Animated companions

You think the Doctor could make the jump to the cartoon universe without dragging his sex slaves along?