Andred in his Chancellery Guard Uniform
Andred in his Chancellery Guard Uniform
Vital statistics
Position Chancellery Guard
Age Unknown
Status Fucking Leela
Physical attributes
Height Taller than you. In both physical height and achievements.
Weight Unknown. Would pay top dollar to find out.

Andredasalad, Andred for short, is the only nice male Time Lord aside from the Doctor up to this point, leading some fans to believe Andred is actually another incarnation of the Doctor. He is played by Christopher Tranchell, and appeared in The Invasion of Privacy.


A dashing young man who even looks good in the hideous Gallifreyan Chancellery guard uniform. His hair manages to defy all expecations and refuses to be oppressed by his helmet.

Why Andred is Better Than You

Because he is handsome, kind, and in possesion of a Timedick, he was the only candidate for the position of Leela's love interest. Sorry, fans, but you cannot compete with him. Even now as you read this, he is likely plowing his Timedick deep into Leela all over time and space. K-9 filming. 

Andred is also brave enough to hold The Doctor at gunpoint in The Doctor’s own TARDIS. He fails fucking spectacularly, as one would expect, but then he turns around and woos The Doctor's current companion away from him. Therefore, we can conclude that the true victor in their rivalry is Andred.

As if Andred wasn't bad ass enough, he managed to get lost in The Doctor's TARDIS while in search of the Bathroom. How is this bad ass, you ask? Becuase he then proceeds to stumble upon the TARDIS's only workshop, which contains the necessary materials to build the most dangerous weapon in all of time and space, the De-Mat Gun. This means that even Andred's Bowel Movement is so emaculate, it leads him exactly where he needs to go. In other words, Andred is his own TARDIS.                 

The Vardans can read people's minds. To counteract this, The Doctor gives Andred a helmet with Lead linings, meant to block out the Vardan's attempts at mind reading. Andred then proceeds to leave the TARDIS without wearing the helmet he was just given. It is safe to assume that Andred does not care if his mind is read, because what the fuck will the Vardans do about it?                 

Nick is gay though. Who did this? I demand to know.

Andred, knowing as soon as he laid eyes on Leela, that he would be hitting that.
Andred, showcasing his sexual dominance by maintaining eye-contact while eating a Jellybaby.


Everyone simultaneously adores and loathes Andred. He is a kind, bad ass, fearless man, who helped the Doctor save Gallifrey. However, we all fucking hate him, because he managed to win over Leela. Why can't I be him?