There's a horror movie called Alien? That's really offensive. No wonder everyone keeps invading you.
The Doctor, who doesn't know he's been killed in two of them
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Alien is a horror film franchise with a few somewhat amusing connections to Doctor Who. It just about meets the bare minimum to justify an article, at least.

NOTE: Until His Lordship The Fass-Bender is cast as the Doctor or BRAVO DAMERON directs a Who movie, the entries below are strictly the only canon films in the franchise.


The first film was directed by Ridley Scott. Scott was working in the BBC design department during 1963, and was assigned to design the serial that would come to be known as The Daleks. A scheduling conflict arose and Raymond Cusick took over the project instead. Two years later, Scott began directing episodes of television shows for the BBC, but the majority of his work for them has been destroyed.

Four years prior, an episode of Doctor Who titled The Ark in Space had aired. It was a horror story set on a space ship where, after being awoken from hypersleep, some working-class human astronauts encounter a hostile alien life form that kills not just

Kinda looks like a vagina with hands, doesn't it?

by eating, but by corrupting and assimilating the human crew member it first encounters. After a struggle through the dark, twisted bowels of the ship, the alien is killed when it attaches itself to a small shuttle pod that leaves

The War Doctor in an exciting adventure with the Xenomorphs

the larger space craft and gets destroyed. It was awesome, and so is Alien, because they're the same story. The only thing Doctor Who didn't have was the facehuggers, and that was just a few decades away...

This might have been the end of the strange links between the two sci-fi franchises, but then The Name of the Doctor came along and added one more big one. But, it gets weirder...


>le stronk female character
But seriously, 10/10.

Aliens: an action thriller stars future Torchwood star Bill Paxton and is directed by BRAVO CAMERON! Sadly, Aliens 2: The Aliens Return remains non-canon, despite the fact it's probably the closest we'll ever get to an actual Doctor Who movie. Which is for the best, really, as they keep remaking it over and over.


Actually not as bad as everybody says it is. 8/10 it's alright.
Yes! These teeth! They fit perfectly!

After Aliens, Alien3 with its stupid little superscript numeral brought us to a space foundry where basically the first two movies mate and create a weird little half-breed. Ripley, now with a shorn head and banging Charles Dance, encounters a bunch of space christians who are stuck in a prison-foundry after her ship crashes and kills all your favourite characters from Aliens because the sets were completed before the script was. And who's hiding amongst the space prison christians? That's right, Phil Davis, the ratfaced little murderous cabbie who would, years later, skyrocket to fame as Lucius Dextrus Petrus, villain of The Fires of Pompeii! Also, some other dude named Paul McGann.


Bargain basement Mountains of Madness.

Pro-mo-theus is a rare feature release from BBV, starring Noomie Rapace as Liz Shaw. The film features the shocking origin both of the Wirrrn and of Handles, here revealed to secretly be Michael Fassbender all along. Unfortunately, as there's no actual Xenomorph in the film (sorta), Prometheus remains strictly non-canon to the Alien franchise but likewise strictly canon to the Doctor Who franchise.