Adam Mitchell

Adam Mitchell
Adam spreading his bagina. >tfw baginahead
Adam spreading his bagina.
>tfw baginahead
Vital statistics
Played by Bruno Langley
Years active TV: 2005

Comic: 2013

Audio: 2017

Travelled with Ninth Doctor
First story Dalek
Last story Prisoners of Time
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Pikey Sith Sexy alien shagger

Adam Mitchell was a nonentity who traveled with Wose and Nine. He was played by a rapist.

What's his deal?

He had an electronic bagina installed in his head so he could access future technology but the Doctor beat the shit out of him and dumped him back home instead. RIP Adam.

Even more forgettable than Marthafucker Jones, but still hit Briggs Finish before she did.

In some comic he went mental and kidnapped everyone, for some reason. AND REDEEMED HIMSELF TO BE A COMPANION TRUE.

Would have been the perfect manifestation of Why Live? is not for Paul "Based-ment" McGann. Meaning he even fails at that accomplishment.