A Good Man Goes to War

A Good Man Goes to War
A Good Man Goes to War Promo.jpg
Season: 6
Episode: 7
Vital statistics
Air date 4 June 2011
Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Peter Hoar
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The Almost People Let's Kill Hitler
Rory takes a shit.
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Pictured: Rory Gilmore gets Chuck Norris facts
An early version of bingo.
Demons run when a good man goes to war.
Night will fall and drown the sun when a good man goes to war.
Friendship dies and true love lies.
Night will fall and the dark will rise when a good man goes to war.
Demons run but count the cost; the battle's won but the child is lost.
— Sounds like something you'd see on Facebook over a picture of the Joker

A GOAT Man Goes to War is the seventh episode of Series 6 and served as a mid-series finale. It's an Eleventh Doctor episode written by Steven Moffat.


The episode follows the cliffhanger of The Almost People which reveals Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) was operating a Flesh duplicate of herself and is actually being held in a remote location where she's about to give birth. The Doctor (Matt Smith) and Cuckboy muster an army of allies and set out to find Amy and her child, a young tranny named Melody Pond.

Strax, Vastra and Jenny (The Paedomonster Gang) debut here too.


This episode reveals that River Fu-Manchu (Alex Kingston) is Amy and Rory's child. Unfortunately she gets abducted by Missy Tasha Lem Ms Delphox Madame Kovarian and the Silence soon after being born.

Fortunately no one really gives a shit about looking for her and the Doctor and companions decide to go back to World War 2 and join the Nazi party instead. Based.