A Fix with Sontarans

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A Fix with Sontarans is the name of a specially-made segment of the BBC children's programme Jim'll Fix It starring Lord President Savile and some Sontarans. It also features Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor and Janet Fielding as Tegan. It was broadcast on 23 February 1985.

Colin's thoughts on Uncle Jimmy

During the fallout of the Savile pedo scandal, Colin commented that he felt very uncomfortable with Savile during the filming of this scene.

In an interview with the Daily Mail on 9 November 2012 he said "I met Jimmy Savile briefly in the 1980's when I was working on Doctor Who. A young man had written asking if he could “fix it” for him to meet the Doctor and travel in the TARDIS. After the lad had saved the day and the Sontarans had been “fixed”, Savile entered the set and did his usual self-congratulatory shtick. I didn’t warm to him. His demeanour was neither friendly, nor inclusive. He behaved much as one might expect a child to behave who had been indulged and led to believe that life revolved around them. There was certainly none of the professional respect that one would expect to be shared when two programmes combine for a special purpose. Even though we were on the TARDIS set, it was very much his territory and his agenda."

In the Built for War DVD Extra found in The Sontaran Experiment, Colin says, "Jimmy Savile is much more frightening than the Sontarans."