A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol
A Ticket to Tranai by Steven Moffat
A Ticket to Tranai by Steven Moffat
Season: 6
Episode: Christmas Special
Vital statistics
Air date 25 December 2010
Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Toby Haynes
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A Comfy Carol

Also known as The Only Good Christmas One. This is in fact the only canon episode in the television show Doctor Who.


Written in a strange collaboration between Steven Moffman and Mister Charley Dickens himself. The story follows Matty Matt Smiff as he wanders around having many fun Christmases with a young boy while his friends die above him. It's not as bad as it sounds.

Every Christmas he meets up with young Kazran Soredick to frolic with a frozen sick woman and whatever else young people do at Christmas. I dunno. Meth? Sex? Over time, the grown woman gets really horny for shota Kazran, but is willing to make do with rich, young, handsome Kazran. Unfortunately, within hours of first witnessing old, ugly, unhappy Kazran, she dies of blueballs, managing to hold on to enough breath to whisper "He's... oogleh" before expiring.

Anyways while that's happening a shark is flying around for years. And he eated half the sonic screwdriver. Oh and The Doctors friends are crashing on a space ship. But it takes ages so I wouldn't worry. They get saved somehow and some woman sings. I dunno. I fell asleep after ingesting too much dinner. I hear it was good though.


All in all I rate 3/5 Who Stars.


By this point, Moffat had already ripped off every Larry Miles idea he could remember, and he didn't want to read any more books because reading is for nerds, so instead he ripped this one off from a different Virgin writer, Steven Moffat. But he improved on the original story, "Continuity Errors", by making it about an evil rich buy instead of a bitchy librarian, and adding flying sharks (which hadn't yet been invented in the 1990s).