The shitty looking logo.

4chan.org is a Bulgarian macaroni-art discussion forum on the internet. The website was created by Christopher "Poole's Closed" Poole (aka. moot), now retired deceased, at an undetermined point in history.

How it works

4chan consists of memes, shitposting, implying, baiting, flame wars, copypasta, man-childing, daring syntheses, raiding, epic memes, politics, ruses, jihad, dank memes, misogyny, feminism, flatulence, feels, failure, Bane and any number of other splendid things.

Posters are encouraged to upload images with their posts to draw more attention to themselves and their opinions.

In short, 4chan is a website entirely full of shit, but has one bright and shining corner that holds the Doctor Who General.

4chan is kill.


Other chans (top secret information, banned on sight)

There are a number of other chans, but 4chan janitors don't like you to talk about them.

  • 8chan (described as "2x4chan", "infinity-chan" or "4+4chan" on 4chan since the name is flagged as spam, based freedom of speech).
  • Masterchan (I think this failed overnight, correct me if I'm wrong).
  • 2chan (Go to 2chan. Make it back alive, I dare you).
  • Krautchan (for Germans).


Debate rages on over 4chan's origins. Many people have taken up the habit of assigning their own countries to the website.

  • Cantonese Imageboard
  • Tajikstani Imageboard
  • Mongolian Imageboard
  • Japanese Imageboard
  • Chinese Imageboard
  • American Imageboard
  • Malaysian imageboard