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Item #: SCP-451

Object Class: 🅱️eter

Special Containment Procedures: When encountered, instances of SCP-451 must immediately be disregarded. Fortunately, Containment General Environment codenamed "/who/" is staffed entirely by D-class personnel, each fed a steady diet of Class-B amnestics. Many of them are entirely unaware they are part of an artificially constructed containment protocol.
After the death of /who/, item was believed to be neutralized, but testing has revealed that SCP-451 continues to make shitposts, albeit at a much steadier pace. This change in frequency is believed to be due to the effects of [REDACTED]. Containment procedures are still in effect at /doctorwho/.


451 (also known as Black_Box.jpg Anon, [451°], 99:€, Ðeμs ǺckβΆΉr, [ Nashīd أناشيد ], or ”-F°) is a poster with a prolific history on /pol/ who began to emerge on /who/ in early 2018. 451 is known for bizarre affectations in his posting style, repeated re-use of images, surreal photoshop creations, and a fervent hatred of Chris Chibnall's decision to have the Doctor regenerate into a woman.

The nu-tranny doctor will be a load of hogwash. Regardless of how good the actress is it's just simple tokenism having a woman play a man.

Every time I see her/it as the doctor I become depressed and sad that something as iconic as this show has been ruined by drug addicted manginas. I can't even look at the original series anymore or even the past nuwho without thinking that HE is actually a SHE. I loved this show for 30years and now I can't watch ANY of it anymore. This show used to make me feel alive and excited about science and history, about space and adventure, something that was so enjoyable that I would share it with my friends and family. It's all over, I can't even bring myself to watch anything to do with it this year because of the transgenderness of it all. No amout of shilling by the tripcodes on this site will change how I feel. It's such a shame that people are rejoicing about making me miserable and calling me names because of it. Nasty and unnecessary all because I have not been brainwashed by politics. It's not fair that the makes of "entertainment" are so thrilled at destroying something that was a little piece of happiness in my world. This show will never be the same and I will never be the same.

— Black_Box.jpg Anon

History of the Dybbuk

The first recorded Black_Box.jpg post in a /who/ thread.

After making several drive-by shitposts in /who/ using Black_Box.jpg, a digitally manipulated image of a black TARDIS oozing an unidentified white fluid, 451 attracted the attention of curious /who/ users. The first breakthrough was when Black_Box.jpg was traced, via the archive, to a bizarre post on /pol/ titled Doctor Who - Theorums - gender origins:

The doctor is possibly a female imposter with dark skin, and his companion is a biological child of gallifrey. Time will come full circle and he will meet himself and realize that earth is just a cybernautic simulation, including him / herself. Clara and the girlfriend in the American Diner Tardis will be called to assist, while the universe is re-booted (again)

Searching image hashes in the archive became the primary way of tracing 451's posting history. When interrogated by /who/ after making one of his shitposts, 451 would often use another one of his recurring images, which could in turn be traced to a vast catalogue of often surreal posts on /pol/ (generally carrying the Australian location flag) concerning conspiracy gibberish and delusional interpretations of politics. Most if not all of these posts were easily identifiable as 451 by the shaky grasp on 4chan formatting and idiosyncratic use of spelling/punctuation marks.

A typical 451 post from /pol/.

451 began to take a more consistent interest in /who/ when called out for his strange behaviour (such as constantly posting "saged", "saged this tranny propaganda" etc.) and terrible opinions. As of February 2018, 451 had become a regular fixture in /who/, even - after a little encouragement - going as far as producing his own attempts at meme image macros, a gallery of which can be found below and will be updated as the collection expands. Most recently, these photoshop creations have branched out into what look like curious miniature posters for nonexistent stories.

On March 2, 2018, 451 posted an overview, poster, and episode list for a fictitious spinoff series, "TorchwooÐ". It had a surprising amount of effort put into it, but descended into characteristic 451 gibberish such as "Alt [gen] Nμ ‐‐‐ [gender.route. err] [machinitransmofology]", leading one anon to speculate that 451 might actually be a neural network.

Two days later, Doctor ████████, posing as /who/ trip "Lymerence" traced the 451 keywords "machinitransmofology", "machÎnÎtransmomцfolőphobÎc", and "fluid-meltdown" to a dense collection of...of...THE VOID AT THE END OF ALL THINGS. (WARNING: The contents of the preceding links may qualify as a sentient-memetic infohazard, and have been known to induce existential Gestaltzerfall in the insufficiently prepared reader. View with EXTREME CAUTION.)

On March 5, 451 adopted a series of flimsy trip disguises (one of which flat-out reused an existing 451 tripcode) attempting to pose as other /who/ users. This was short-lived and it's unclear what 451 hoped to gain from this. The activity resumed for another brief spurt on March 8 - when called out, 451 devolved into another "ƒ luÎd (d)}∞{a.Â.a}∞meltdOwN" spam post.

In a rare display of responding rationally and even generously to a /who/ user, 451 deployed transparent-background versions of the "TorchwooD" logo when asked for them on March 17.

How to spot 451

  • He puts a space after every > because he doesn't understand greentext.
  • He often puts words in (brackets) or [square brackets] for no clear purpose.
  • He occasionally substitutes the letter S for the letter Z (e.g. "lezbian", "humanizm")
  • He is fixated on the idea of the 13th Doctor being transgender.
  • His posts often make no sense whatsoever.
  • He thinks a thread can be "saged" by him as if it's a downvote button.
  • He loves the phrase "Die with your rage!"
  • He thinks every poster on /who/ who disagrees with him is a shill.

Could 451 Actually Be A Woman?

A recent plunge back into the web of 451 lore, undertaken by a team of experts, traced 451's trademark catchphrase "Die with your rage!" back to the following post in /who/ on December 29, 2017 in the wake of the Thirteenth Doctor's debut. The very-451-ish post was in response to tripfag Kindanonymous mockingly linking a post in a non-/who/ thread (which also reads a little like a 451 post). See what you make of it.

Fuck off BBC propaganda shill - perhaps you need to sit on your cunt expander for a bit longer so that your gash does not seal up. You give feminism a bad name!!

BTW - I am a biological woman, and even my husband does not like this shit anymore than I do. PS - you will never be a real woman and have biological children.

Die with your rage!

— 451?

If it was in fact 451, this unusually candid post could be evidence that all of the pronouns in this article need to be edited. 451's posting history doesn't provide a great deal of supporting evidence for 451 being male or female, so either is plausible. However, 451 is a notoriously unreliable narrator, with 99% of 451 posts being comprised of total bullshit, so it's possible the part about being a married woman was made up. One way or the other, I can't be arsed.

Gallery of Failure

Relevant links

That feel when I am aboriginal

> world powers will never know feelz of muh- 6billion Genocides... You can have your hollow-hoaxes, we had demz real thingz!

My Favoite Wafue ~ 451° Ektar* Never forget the rabbit-proof-fence. Evah!

gUV.Xeno-phone has been attempting to translate-it for 24hrz: saying that this SUDDEN push away from global independence towards an independent republic, is a rebellion that should be approached with caution. The world cannot comprehend into a box?

>Surrender to the faithful servant of alphas الأخوة--حان الوقت Al-ham-dulill-ah الله ملاك العلم يأتي الآن Dybbuk לִדבּוֹק

— 451 on /pol/, May 2015

and that's all i wrote