"This is why you lost the election" Anon

Once a week or so, if you're unlucky to browse /who/ in the middle of the night (or afternoon because of timezones), you'll come across this odd anon. An anon who will always bring up how we've lost the election when called out for stupid opinions. He makes it quite clear what election he's referring to, but we're not sure why he says "we've" lost it when most /who/res aren't even American. But make no mistake, if you ever call him out for being a brainlet or for saying something stupid, he'll always cry about how we lost the election and how we'll lose and lose again if we keep acting like this. You might feel that you want to call him an idiot even more for talking like this, but it's best to leave doddering old men alone and let them have their fit until they quiet down. Definitely the same person as "My Name is Donald" Anon.