"Thin Ice" Anon

"Thin Ice" Anon is another incarnation of "Doctor Who is Dead" Anon, having changed his tune but maintaining a tiring mantra. Not a thread goes by without him posting that scene where the Doctor talks about history being a whitewash, often followed by an old Guardian article with the phrase "Powerful stuff" or "WE" at the end. It doesn't matter if Thin Ice aired ages ago, and we have more recent cases of Doctor Who pandering to identity politics, this anon will post the same exact thing as if this episode only aired a few days ago.

As of yet, he has not interacted with his prior incarnation (or anyone for that matter) for fear of destroying the time stream.

Occasionally used by Cats as evidence that Cletuses are mentally ill.


  • I swear this nigga has spent more time posting that webm than Sarah Dollard did writing that episode.