"Reminder that books" anon

Bookanon's absolute most favorite book.

"Reminder that books" anon is a dedicated autist who tries to get /who/ to read noncanon Doctor Who stories. Almost certainly on the spectrum. Also builds autistic mongolian automatons in his spare time when he's not reading Doctor Who material. Unfortunately he was dropped as a child and since that day has only been able to speak 4 words: "Reminder", "that", "books" and "hand-towels". If you are ever in /who/ discussing the ranking of episodes in a particular NuWho series, and you see someone derail the conversation by counting books as episodes, please try your best to ignore him as he can't help it.

When will Bookanon realize nobody even wants to read the audiobooks?

Bookanon is also fond of the penis spaceship featured on this cover.