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|Everybody listen, we're part of the solar system (full song)
|Everybody listen, we're part of the solar system (full song)
|I've never killed Hitler!
|Sometimes the only choices you have are bad ones.
|Is it like an addiction?

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I forget, Mr. Solitract, can we upload and embed webms directly on the wiki and thus cut out the troublesome middleman?
Can't see much use for this in the /who/ environment, honestly.
Eating while watching Torchwood will do that.
>sound webms on a wiki being hotlinked to a phpboard
Series 11 Webms Link
You will never know. https://webm.red/Urjz.webm
The Jaws theme. https://webm.red/s7aO.webm
Please don't mention that name. https://webm.red/hHMP.webm
Yeah? Says you. https://webm.red/qM0L.webm
13's head-turn. https://webm.red/Hi9p.webm
...and dead! https://webm.red/slEL.webm
Tine lime. https://webm.red/Cd0B.webm
The occasional bear. https://webm.red/uTG2.webm
Segun's music is so subtle! https://webm.red/9X3m.webm
"Acting" https://webm.red/biow.webm
Conspiracies https://webm.red/h0GL.webm
Misc Webms Link
Nowt but a fool! https://webm.red/QjPE.webm
A toast in soy milk. https://webm.red/q0el.webm
Nilso reacts. https://webm.red/D5ww.webm
Capaldi's death motif. https://webm.red/c8nR.webm
Capaldi plays Dr. Who. https://webm.red/q0l2.webm
It's real! https://webm.red/wXn4.webm
Doctor Who books fuelling orphanages. https://webm.red/xVof.webm
Sad Moffat https://webm.red/i2Lg.webm
Quelle Dommage Davros https://webm.red/k6XG.webm
You don't even have to watch it in order https://webm.red/GoJs.webm
Everybody listen, we're part of the solar system (full song) https://webm.red/E7w0
I've never killed Hitler! https://webm.red/yM17.webm
Sometimes the only choices you have are bad ones. https://webm.red/svYX.webm
Is it like an addiction? https://webm.red/XYea.webm
Fanvid Webms Link
This one has the nerve to still be alive. https://webm.red/V6vz.webm
It was just a concept! https://webm.red/EHXK.webm
We need some artillery. https://webm.red/nZIN.webm
Sweet mother of Gallifrey... https://webm.red/3KQ5.webm
Calm down, you bunch of incessant maggots! https://webm.red/b3yC.webm