The Great War

The Great War
Vital statistics
Range Dark Eyes
Release number 1.1
Release date November 2012
Writer Nicholas Briggs
Doctor Eighth Doctor
Publication order
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Chronologically, To The Death. Fugitives

Not to be confused with the First World War itself, one of the biggest catastrophes in the history of Earth, during which at least 17 million people lost their lives...

...Anyway, on with the shitposting!

The Great War was the first ear story in the Dark Eyes saga. Featuring Paulio and Ruthie Miller.


After Lewce got blown the fuck up, Eight goes off to find some edge before getting interrupted by Straxus, who gives him a mission to go rescue an irish chick from a warzone. The Doctor is angry af, but sensing a chance to get some pussy, accepts his mission. He lands on WW1, but sadly chokes to death on Molly's queefs.



GOAT tho.