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Nine and companion.
River and "friend".
Artist's rendition of what a banana probably looks like.
Jelly Banana.gif
Based Ecclescake.

Bananas play a large role in Doctor Who and are mentioned almost every episode.

Banana appearances in Doctor Who

The 9th Doctor carried a banana and pretended it was a gun. He managed to switch his banana with Captain Jack's Sonic Blaster.

The 10th Doctor teaches us to always bring a banana to a party. He thought the plasmavore was going to give him a banana milkshake, someone has got one hell of a fetish.

The 11th Doctor used his old trick of switching a gun to a banana to stop Mel Pond (River Song) from shooting him. He also defeated a wooden Cyberman with a banana, because a wooden Cyberman is susceptible to bananas like normal metal Cyberman are susceptible to gold.

Missy (an incarnation of the Master who is better than Delgado) thought she was a banana.

Banana trivia

Contrary to popular belief, the banana is not a tangerine.

A spin-off about the banana was written by Russell T. Davies.